About TPC

The Policy Chronicle (TPC) is the leading official diversified multi-media outlet platform of the Confederation of Young Leaders and the Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership. TPC’s flagship multi-media information platform attracts high-end readers, including government representatives, diplomats, representatives of international organizations, transnational corporations, journalists, foreign tourists, entrepreneurs, students and writers. In addition to its main English-language edition, TPC also accepts content and Oped’s in Hindi, and all 5 UN recognized official languages. TPC was started with a vision to shape India’s Foreign Policy, National Governance and Policy discourse keeping Youth at the centre with the belief that youth-led public discourse in these fields can lead to a tangible change and most importantly, to make complex policy issues more accessible. 

TPC enables you to read some of the most unique perspectives on matters of urgent global and public importance by young people from across India and the world. TPC’s multi-media platform enables you to publish a story or perspective on any issue you are passionate about. Some of the most powerful stories make it to the TPC portal making it one of the most insightful and followed multi-media platforms. The Policy Chronicle (TPC) is your key to understanding India and the world and is one of the most dynamic players among online media, and has rapidly become the widely read information portal having national as-well-as international readers. TPC focuses on covering themes related to the latest foreign policy developments, global affairs, parliamentary and legislative changes, committee reports and executive action, important legal judgments and state specific policy interventions as well. 

TPC through its consistent focus on promoting crowd-sourced authentic content and editorial excellence has become the epitome for Youth-led Digital Journalism and has eventually become a barometer for trust, integrity and excellence. TPC’s focus along with the adoption of best practices and the latest technology makes it the perfect source for the Indian and International audience by delivering India to the world and the world to India. TPC’s editorial team comprises senior journalists, citizen journalists, and guest writers from diverse disciplines and professional backgrounds. A major contribution of content carried on the platforms is made by young people from India and the World.

                                   Editor In Chief – Mrs. Rakhee Bakshee

Mrs. Rakhee Bakshee is a veteran award-winning media professional who served as the Media Advisor to the Hon’ble Speaker of the Indian Parliament (Lok Sabha), Smt. Meira Kumar. She is a celebrated television show host on Rajya Sabha Television hosting a popular show titled ‘The Quest’ along with being the Director of the Women’s Feature Service. Mrs. Bakshee is also a faculty at the Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism and Communication, India’s first university for journalism and mass communication established in the year 1992 by the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly. As a distinguished Media Advisor to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Parliament of India, she has worked extensively on important legislative activities in the Indian Parliament. Mrs. Bakshee has worked in senior capacities with the DD News (India’s National Broadcaster), ABP News, Zee News, Times of India, and the Hindustan Times to name a few. With her deep interest in matters of governance, social issues, education, culture, and cinema, she has been recognized and awarded on several occasions nationally & internationally.