A day after international pop star Rihanna and environmental activist Greta Thunberg drew attention and offered support to the farmers’ protest, Indian politicians, Bollywood stars, cricketers, influencers, and heads of international institutions responded by condemning their social media posts and putting out tweets with the hashtags ‘IndiaAgainstPropaganda’ and ‘IndiaTogether’.

Following their tweets, the Ministry of External Affairs on Wednesday said it is unfortunate to see vested interest groups trying to enforce their agenda on the protests and derail them. The detailed MEA statement noted that the Parliament of India, only after a ‘full debate and discussion’ had passed reformist legislation relating to the agricultural sector.

Hours after the MEA statement, a number of Indian’s put out social media posts condemning Rihanna and Thunberg’s tweets:

Chairman of the Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL), Suwan tweeted, “@GretaThunberg, India does not require any outside interference. We will sort out issues by ourselves as it is solely an internal matter of India. Hoping for your understanding! Best wishes!”

“Farmers constitute an extremely important part of our country. And the efforts being undertaken to resolve their issues by the Government are evident. Let’s support an amicable resolution, rather than paying attention to anyone creating differences.”, added Suwan


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