Health and body wellness has become an upkeep priority today. This does not apply only for the celebrities and health- experts, rather every other person has now begun to understand the significance of maintain an improved lifestyle and its importance in a longer run. However, it isn’t always necessary to attain the extremes, and for some, it may also seem impossible given the varied extent of lifestyles and professions.

It hence becomes necessary to understand that even the slightest and smallest of the things matter when it comes to taking care of our everyday habits. What you eat at this very moment, how you sit, how you sleep and what you think, may all affect every inch of your health. These are, thus, a few things that every individual can adapt to on an everyday basis with an aim to attain a healthier body and mind.


Focus on the mornings


Mornings can really be one of the most essential times of the day. What we do in the morning decides how our day will go about. It is hence, utmost essential to plan your mornings in a way that they productively kick-start your day. For some, it may work with a few morning exercises and movement while for the others, a cup of coffee with the newspaper in hand is the key. Furthermore, a healthy breakfast goes a long way. Whichever way one adapts to, starting your day a bit earlier that the previous day always helps to plan it better.


  1. Pay attention to what you eat

It doesn’t really matter if you skip the gym once in a while. However, what you eat really does. It isn’t always easy to keep off the sugar and the masala chai that you’re addicted to, but cutting off a little by little may do wonders. Measuring your calorie intake and keeping a track of what foods your body prefers rather than your mind and cravings would help in a longer run. Try to avoid as many types of nutrients as you can in a day. Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life reads that the centenarians of the Okinawa region of Japan prefer eating only until they are 80% full, which keeps them away from being lethargic throughout the day.


  1. Movement is the key


Rujuta Diwekar, the very well-known fitness expert and author stands by the view that the human body is seldom made to remain in a stationary position. The body keeps burning calories and creating energy as long as it keeps moving. However, if one keeps sitting in a stationary position for longer than half an hour, the body goes into a state of rest, hence denying it of its natural energy-creation cycle. It is thus necessary to keeping moving, even if it is just a slow walk in the balcony.


  1. Meditate


The essential significance of meditation is known to many. Since ages, meditation has proven to calm down the human body and heal the life processes. It not only helps one attain peace, but also strengthens the concentration power and the ability to function in a way that accords your will. Meditation has helped cure many mental and physical illnesses and drawbacks and is a great way to keep the mind and body healthier and improvised.


  1. Sleep


The recent ways of lifestyle, indeed let me put it as the way the Gen-Z is circled to function, aids the habits of late-night functioning. It is very evident that this is the generation that comes up with the most complains of insomnia and sleep issues. It won’t be incorrect to state that most of the way the human body functions throughout the day is a result of its rest time and sleep schedule. Having a good 7-8 hours of sleep every day is a necessity and must not be ignored.


  1. Think Good to Be Good


‘We become what we think’. The way our body functions internally and externally is a mere portrayal of how our thinking works. Keeping the mind positive and healthy in a longer run may help us attain things and lifestyle we otherwise won’t due to the implications of unhealthy insecurities and mental chaos. Thinking good about ourselves thus makes us want to work better and eventually, is the ultimate key for a healthy lifestyle.


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