On the 14th of May, 2021, CYL Chairman Mr.Himadrish Suwan joined the Danish Ambassador to India, H.E. Mr. Freddy Svane, over an exclusive conversation on Denmark’s diplomacy amidst Covid-19, hand in hand from Copenhagen to New Delhi. Ms. Jyotsna Bedi, Senior Anchor attached with Times Now, moderated the conversation in the presence of Mr. Sidhant Sibal from Wion news, Mr. Abhishekh Jha from DD News, Mr. Amitabh Chiranjeev, Senior Journalist and Ms. Dhanashree Bonde from The Policy Chronicle. The bilateral relations between Denmark and India have always been worth cherishing. The CYL Chairman extended his gratitude towards Denmark for assisting India amidst these tough times.

The Danish Ambassador expressed sympathy on behalf of the Denmark and the embassy to all those in India suffering and having suffered from the loss of health and life amidst this health crisis. He reiterated the consolation that Denmark is responding, has been responding and will be responding to all requests and appeals that come from India’s side.

“Owing to the Civil Protection Mechanism of the European Union, Denmark has responded by allocating funds to India in order to purchase beds, ventilators and medicines along with donations to international organisations working in India amidst Covid. The Danish companies operating in India have been taking care of the staff. Maersk and other private companies have helped over ten thousand people and more by bringing in oxygen concentrators and medicines”, said H.E. Freddy Svane. The Danish Envoy further stated that Denmark expresses solidarity with India, the Indian government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Foreign Ministers and ensures readiness to help India battle Covid-19 by all means.

“Each of us has an individual responsibility during these times”, Mr. Svane stated. He pointed out the importance of investments in the health sector and suggested that, though this may take many years and efforts to build the infrastructure and ideal capacity, it is a need of the hour.

The discussion further put a light on the Indian-Danish Chamber of Commerce based in Denmark that has been raising money to acquire huge numbers of oxygen concentrators and vaccines. Many more such initiatives by the Danish government and the private sector are in line said the honourable envoy, given that Denmark is constantly evaluating and looking for ways to help India.

Whilst delivering the keynote remarks, the Ambassador added, “In the initial stage of the pandemic, India has indulged in exporting vaccines internationally and bilaterally, thus standing with the world to assure that humanity is beyond borders and portraying a holistic side of solidarity. What India did to help others, we will do to help India”.

The Ambassador emphasized on the conditions of Denmark in December and January when, Denmark, a rich welfare country known to be one of the most elaborated societies in the world, came close to the end capacity of vaccines and beds. “This suggest that we will all be put under pressure. The only way out is to implement a holistic public health policy and invest in a strategic global outlook”, he added.

Chairman Suwan conveyed his highest appreciation to the Danish Ambassador and the Embassy of Denmark, conveying his deepest gratitude for the support extended to the Government and the people of India amidst an unprecedented wave of Covid-19. “On behalf of the youth of India, I convey my sincere appreciation to the Danish Embassy and the friendly people of Denmark for standing with India”, added CYL Chairman Himadrish Suwan.

To add a closure to the discussion, the Danish Ambassador termed the EU-India Summit to have been the most successful summit between two major democratic platforms wherein these two largest democratic blocks agreed for actions to be taken along with a complete alignment of priorities and a global setting of shared values believing in democracy, thus suggesting an elevation of the relationship to a higher level and a plan for genuine action in times to come.


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