On September 6, the KamAZ plant presented a prototype of a bus running on hydrogen fuel cells. According to Sergei Chemezov, head of the Rostec corporation, which includes KamAZ, the main advantage of the new product compared to electric buses will be a cruising range of up to 250 km versus 70 km, which will make it possible to use it not only for urban, but also for intercity transportation.

The KAMAZ-6282 electric bus was taken as the basis for the creation of the novelty. A prototype of the new bus was assembled at NefAZ, a subsidiary of KamAZ. It is assumed that the assembly of the hydrogen bus can be organized in Moscow, if the authorities of the capital show interest in the development.

The novelty is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, which are installed on the roof. The vehicle body is made of high-strength steel and plastic. Its mass is about 19 tons. The bus can accommodate up to 80 people. Its top speed is 80 km / h. The hydrogen bus can operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. The head of Rostec says that the interior of the vehicle is designed to be comfortable for passengers with limited mobility.

Over the next year, a prototype hydrogen-fueled bus will be tested on the streets of Moscow. In parallel, the issue of creating a filling infrastructure will be worked out. Only after this will the new mode of transport be able to enter the routes. Chemezov said that KamAZ is developing not only buses, but also trucks on hydrogen fuel. According to him, such vehicles move much quieter than their counterparts on gasoline or diesel fuel.

Back in April, it was reported that the Moscow authorities, as part of a strategy for the development of environmentally friendly transport, are going to put hydrogen buses on the routes in the next 30 years. Recall that Russia follows the terms of the Paris climate agreement, according to which by 2030 the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere should be no more than 70% of the 1990 level. Experts believe that the first hydrogen buses can be launched on the streets of Moscow in a year or two.

Recall that the order to create a city bus on hydrogen fuel was given by President Vladimir Putin at the end of 2020 at a meeting with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Then the president set a goal to launch such a vehicle by 2023.

Source: https://www.aroged.com/2021/09/06/moscow-will-test-a-kamaz-bus-running-on-hydrogen-fuel/

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