By Nishant Ketu for New Delhi [India], January 12 (ANI): The youth who took part in the National Youth Parliament Festival organized at the Central Hall of Parliament here said they were eager to contribute to the country’s development and also play a role in fostering growth.

Mudita Mishra from Uttar Pradesh, who stood first in the festival, said she has been inspired by the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She said the Prime Minister has spoken of the country completing 100 years of its Independence in 1947 and the need for the youth to make their contribution for the country’s rapid development. “How can we make India ‘vishva guru’ again through technology and innovation? How can we bring India number one, we will work hard towards it,” she said.

Ayati Mishra from Maharashtra, who has secured second place in this festival, said her topic was ‘vocal for local’. “I expressed my thoughts in front of the Prime Minister. I am a student of economics. We all know that economists have a role to play in fostering growth. I would like to contribute to nation-building through economics. I would like to do things that encourage youth,” she said.

Avinam Manger, a resident of Sikkim who secured third spot in Youth Parliament festival, said he was feeling elated and was also getting a feeling that the award has increased his responsibility towards the country. “I was not expecting to win the prize. Everybody was good, everybody was so competitive,” he said. (ANI)


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