While many of us are stuck at home trying to save ourselves and others from the strike of the virus, our bucket-lists have begun to grow longer and yet more interesting. Though, as we come to realize, that may actually cause a chaos of thoughts when it’s time to step out and finally decide where you book your flights to. While Europe has been an international attraction for ages, there’s still a few places in the continent that are ignored of the praises they deserve for their beauty. One such country in Europe is Luxembourg.

Located in the middle of Berlin and Paris, two major tourist attractions in Europe, Luxembourg is the smallest country in Europe in terms of area. With about 15% of its population being Portuguese, the country has a vast history. It was over twenty years ago that Luxembourg City, the capital of the nation, was rendered a UNESCO World Heritage owing to its wondrous and yet historical sense of splendor. Here’s a few reasons that will make you want to slide Luxembourg up at the top of your bucket-lists-

  • It Beholds a Regal Sense of Beauty


The Capital City of Luxembourg is built around a ravine that makes for some eternally dramatic scenery midst the glory of the cliffs and valleys. The centre of the town is home to many ancient buildings, cathedrals, a magnificent palace and pastel-coloured buildings which might actually match that dreamy vibe you’ve been wanting to experience while spending your time daydreaming at home. A day-trip to Vianden would be an experience right out of a fairy-tale while the bridges across the city make you feel like you might be heading to Hogwarts and end up meeting Harry Potter. Do not forget to ask him if he’s vaccinated though!

  • It is one of the Safest Places on the planet

Believe it or not, this nation has everything that takes for a planet to be rendered secure and safe for every gender, every age. In Fact, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world which means, you won’t have to constantly watch your bag or guard that expensive camera you bought after having saved throughout the pandemic.

  • Calm, Peaceful and Always-In-Fashion



Given that the country is at a minimal distance from France, it is definite that the sense of fashion among the people here is great. You will find the natives dressed smartly even on a random Sunday, minding their own business and caring the least about your existence. Well, only unless you need help. The natives are one of the most peace-loving and friendly people in Europe and will definitely give you a hand, just in case.

  • A Cultural Hub

While the majority population here is Portuguese, people from all walks of life and ethnicities have been settling in the country for the past few years. The nation is economically prosperous and stands to be a technological hub with Germany at the least distance. The official language, as made-up as it may sound, is Luxembourgish. However, most of the residents speak several languages including French, German and Flemish/Dutch along with English.

  • Pocket-Friendly

While the myth goes around stating that Luxembourg stands to be incredibly expensive, you might just do fine if you think your choices. Plan the purpose of your visit and spend accordingly. One of the easiest ways for tourists to save their expenditure is to use a ‘Luxembourg Card’, something which the native use for transportation throughout the country. Priced at €13 for a day and €28 for three days, this card gives one unlimited use of all public transport across the entire nation. Further, you might also get free access to most of the museums and castles owing to this very card.

  • The Food, Of Course

The food here is one of the very significant reasons that will make you want to visit the nation again. Given that France, Germany and Belgium nestle around the country, you can taste everything starting from a Parisian-perfect pastry to a Michelin star restaurant. The national cuisine of Luxembourg is smoked pork collar and broad beans. While that may not suit the taste-buds of many, the variety never stops. Though one might not find many Asian cuisines to try here in Luxembourg, you might find vegetarian and Indian food at some particular places.


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