Chairman of the Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL) and Director of the Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL), Himadrish Suwan lauded Russia for being a pillar of strength at difficult moments in India’s history while delivering keynote remarks at the Annual Leadership Conclave hosted by the Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment (IIEE), New Delhi.

“India-Russia relations, shaped as they are by our respective historical experiences, cultural affinities, political convergences and economic opportunities, will not be affected by winds of transient global political trends. Russia has been a pillar of strength at difficult moments in India’s history. Russia has contributed to India’s development, growth and security. India will always reciprocate this support. Across Indian society and the spectrum of its political structures, there is unanimity that friendship with Russia is an important pillar of India’s foreign policy. India and Russia today enjoy what we have termed a ‘special and privileged strategic partnership’, based on unmatched mutual confidence, trust and goodwill.”, said Suwan.

“At the global stage, India and Russia today share common visions and converging goals for an ever-changing global order. As emerging and responsible stakeholders in a dynamic international system, we benefit from each other’s strength and strategic autonomy. Our relations serve as an anchor and as a pivot of durable peace, a just global order and of multilateral stability. There has been greater convergence and commonality of views between India and Russia on issues of global and regional significance”, added Suwan.

Further, Chairman Suwan added, “For me personally it is a source of immense satisfaction, that despite the great geographic distance between our two countries, we have succeeded in building genuine ties of goodwill, warmth, friendship and mutual respect not just between the governments and political leadership in both countries but at the people-to-people level. This is the true bedrock on which the India-Russia strategic partnership rests.”







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