The history of the Universe is vast, and much more pacific is the evolution of life that exists in this soulful world. The world runs by a system that stops for none. But to be able to experience the very few events that happen to shake the entire planet and make a mark in the history forever, is indeed something one would look for with much gusto. But one might instead consider for it to be a horror, to live in a time so bad that it stops the ticking clock for the entire planet all at once.

The Covid 19 pandemic that came as an unexpected rush over the human population has made an impact for a lifetime. It has been more than a year since the world has come to a halt with a pause on much of its systematized passion to keep striking the high ends at all costs. The pandemic proved to be fatal to many, through deaths, through illness and through a mental state of anxiety that was experienced by almost everyone.

What seems to have affected people the most, according to the mental health study statistics, is the presence of monotony that struck the fast-running world. Today’s generation is meant to run; to do things at a pace that keeps the mind busy; to multitask. And the pandemic that hereby paused this pace proved to create a sense of void in many. And the times haven’t really changed a lot as of yet. We still have a long way to go. However, here are a few things you could do to contribute towards a healthier mind and body in a post-pandemic world that seems to be commencing any time out of hopes-


  • Keep yourself on a healthy-lifestyle loop

The pandemic has made us all realize the importance of a good immunity. This teaches us to keep a healthy lifestyle in the longer run that would protect us and help fight all kinds of battles that entertain bodily weakness. Develop good habits. To take up a health challenge is one thing, but to remain healthy and adopt ways of life that promote the elimination of all things bad is the key for a long run.


  • Indulge in more social activities

Though the time to take up this advice hasn’t really initiated yet, but it is never too early to prepare ourselves for a post-pandemic world. The past one year has made many of us aloof, sitting in our rooms indulged in our work and personal spaces. To make up for this solitude, take up more social activities and be active. Indulge in the deeds you love. Go have a chai with your friends or a movie night on a weekend. Talk more.


  • Wear your mask

‘The New Normal’ is a phrase that has been trending for a while now. But it is what it is! We now need to accept these new ways of life that may restrict our spaces and never be the same again, but to be able to live better tomorrow requires a sense of gratitude for today. Hence, never forget wearing your mask and keeping a sanitizer handy.


  • Go on a vacation

Travel is an answer to many questions. Travel makes one feel the entirety of the universe while realizing how minute a part we stand to be, and yet such an important one. The past one year has been a trace-way of sheer monotony. The same routines playing in our minds might now make us feel too comfortable to get up and move. But that would in-fact be important, to get out of the comfort zones and build-up new strategies for a healthy mind and body. Hence let us all make sure we hit up good vacations, but only when we are entirely over with the risk. Until then, let us make our bucket-lists, because planning is the key.

  • Keep doing what you like

It would be foolish to deny that the imposed lockdowns did no good to us. Many of us were able to uncover new sides of ourselves, indulge in doing things we always wanted to but time and the rush to attain all responsibilities never allowed us. But now that we have introduced ourselves to a side of us that makes us want to write, read, dance, sing, play a guitar and paint, let us not let it fade yet once again, by the quick-paced demands of the modern world.


  • Breathe

Now that the air has become slightly better and our mental health demands that we take care of it, let us not forget to breathe once in a while.


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