On July 01, the Chairman of the Confederation of Young Leaders (CYL) and the Director of the Indian Institute of Governance and Leadership (IIGL), Mr. Himadrish Suwan extended his support to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Manav Rachna University-led initiative on National Vaccination Awareness Drive on the kind invitation of the Director-General, Dr. NC Wadhwa, IAS.

Himadrish Suwan delivered his remarks at the Radio Manav Rachna, 107.8 FM; a popular 24*7 Radio Station powered by the Manav Rachna University under the National Vaccination Awareness Drive organized by UNICEF and Manav Rachna University.

Chairman Himadrish Suwan urged the youth to trust science and the country’s scientists who have worked round the clock to produce a safe vaccine quickly. He counselled some audience not to believe rumours about the vaccine, and to also persuade their neighbours to participate in the country’s ongoing inoculation drive, added, all the three vaccines available in India are highly effective and safe.

“I have myself been vaccinated with the first dose of the Astra Zeneca’s Covishield,” Himadrish Suwan told the radio station, according to the official transcript of his interaction. “If someone says Covid has gone, do not be under this mistaken notion,” Suwan said. The virus is a “master of disguise” that can take new forms, he said, referring to its mutants.

“To protect ourselves from the virus, we have two ways. One is adhering to the protocol; wearing a mask, frequently washing hands with soap, maintaining social distancing. The other way is, along with all this, getting vaccinated,” he said.

“Those who are spreading rumours on vaccines, let them do. We all will do our work and ensure people around us get vaccinated. The threat of Covid remains and we have to focus on vaccination as well as follow Covid-19 protocols.”, added, Himadrish Suwan.

“When the second wave came in India and the virus mutated, started spreading rapidly — not just spreading rapidly but also affecting people fast and in a much worse manner — still, in a short time, controlling it and ensuring it declines, is a collective success for us. In India, we fought this battle with planning and courage. Here fighting alongside the government were 135 crore Indians, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership”, said Himadrish Suwan.


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