Health, as for today’s world, has become an important aspect of everyone’s life. It is not only the basic health habits and working out for hours but the smallest of things that have taken importance in the lives of many. The new mantra of ‘Strong is the new Beautiful’ is set to break stereotypes of physical figures and a lean body.

Women no longer need to be lean to be called pretty. To develop strength is the new goal that the Health initiatives all around the world intend to instil. If we look at a history of the Indian culture, we notice the significance of health and prosperous livelihood that has been given sheer importance in every culture and tradition. Yoga as an aspect is the utmost essential facet of the health motive of the country.

This depicts how there exist many aspects of plural cultures that intend to indicate the utmost importance of having a strong physical and mental figure for a longer run. Here are a few simplistic measures that one can look after in order to pay heed to one’s health in a better way-

Vibrancy and colour is the key

Japanese people believe that one must consume foods of at least 12 colours a day, making your diet a healthy combination of all nutrients that the body needs. Further, many dieticians believe that having a colourful plate full of food makes one want to eat with enthusiasm and interest. Not only does the vibrancy help to maintain a balance, but makes sure you keep a track of your food habits.


Be grateful for the fluids

We are all aware that our body consists of 70% of liquid, mainly water. This speaks about the sheer importance that water has in maintaining a balance of strength. Water does every other thing that proves magical for your health. Want a clean skin? Drink water. Need to lose weight? Drink water. Tired of someone? Drown them.

As much humour as this may portray, there is no refusing to the fact that fluids including all juices, smoothies and water, of course, are the answer to almost every question on health. Drinking 12-14 glasses of water a day might help you calm your stress, maintain a healthy muscle weight, improve metabolism, and of course help you through the inhuman summers of India.


Laugh more

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Not only does it help one with mental relaxation but also increases the working capacity of the brain in situations of significance. The world is at a haul and yet, does not seem to slow down. The immense pressure to attain unrealistic goals at a very young age make our minds tired of the loop that they are stuck in.

Laughter eases the tension. It makes us feel like a child again. So the next time you watch ‘Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma’ and giggle in your own, do not stop yourself. Fool your mind and calm it down. It needs the break.


Sleep early, please

Gen-Z, as they call it, have come to normalize the idea that sleeping before 9 p.m. does not exist. However, science proves that the body heals itself the most when it is at rest between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m. Our body needs a shut-down every day to begin with much more enthusiasm and strength.

Not getting a good sleep may seem to be fine in the present times but is bound to cause major side- effects on health with the running time. Further, sleeping well improves the skin, will help you work harder throughout the day and end up helping you achieve that goal you have always wanted to achieve, with a much beautiful body and mind.


Be bold in your skin

The world stands together against a virus that has made us aware of the importance our bodies hold. Our body and soulful existence if a gift to us and to protect it in the best way possible, only to be able to live longer and happier, is our duty towards ourselves. We deserve the love and care.

Insecurities are bound to be developed due to the present standards of beauty and network market. However, to think of our gift as less than that of others is only unfair to ourselves. Let us all be comfortable and bold in our skin and focus on keeping ourselves healthy, for we are the sculptors and it is up to us to sculpt the best out of our bodies.


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